Vehicle theft is a common occurrence across the United States. Recently reported by FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, on average a vehicle is stolen every 90 seconds. This means more than 700,000 vehicle’s are stolen every year in the United States. Our All In One Real Time GPS Tracking Systems help you keep your family safe, while creating peace of mind protecting your assets.

Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Call Center is available 24/7/365 for stolen vehicle recovery assistance. If your Vehicle is stolen, the call center will assist in notifying your local authority for you and they will help provide pinpoint location information for ease of locating and assisting the police with the recovery of your vehicle.


Find Your Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere

One of the Major benefits that our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems for Vehicle Tracking & Recovery offer is that it utilizes GPS (Global Position Satellites). GPS provides pinpoint accuracy of your vehicle’s location. Equally important, with our "Hybrid Upgrade" you’ll have the ability to be immediately notified if your vehicle is moving, towed, or potentially stolen (tow/potential theft alert) via email and/or by SMS text message.

Our Vehicle Tracking & Recovery + Family Member Safety Systems virtually eliminate the hassle if your vehicle has been stolen. Anyone who has ever experienced their vehicle being stolen has dealt with out of pocket insurance deductibles, potential higher insurance premiums, stolen valuables left in the vehicle, and the potential for identity theft.


Insurance Discount Savings

A benefit of owning one of our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems is that you may qualify for car insurance discounts. Depending on your provider, our clients save an average of between 10% – 30% on their car insurance premiums. Please speak with your insurance agent about receiving discounts. Click here to download and fill out the Insurance Discount Form.


Save Money

Accessible from All Web Enabled Devices

Using smart phone technology users can map the exact location, speed and direction of a vehicle on their Smart Phone or Mobile Device Anytime & Anywhere, Nationwide. Also available for download is our Mobile App for iOS users. Download the free iPhone or iPad App Today!


Product Performance Guarantee

It’s one thing to have some one’s word. It’s another to have a backing! That’s why we offer a Product Performance Guarantee on all of our Products. Depending on where you purchase your device, ask your dealer for details on our Product Performance Guarantee Options.


Product Performance