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Are there any fee's associated with my Mobiletrace SVR?

No, Once you purchase Mobiletrace SVR, you get lifetime stolen vehicle location for as long as you own your vehicle. No monthly fees, no yearly fees. No locating fees, no tracking fees. Just peace of mind knowing that if your vehicle equipped with MobiletraceSVR is ever stolen, we will help the police locate it.

Can I upgrade my Mobiletrace SVR to include online tracking access?

Yes, we offer two upgrade packages for your Mobiletrace SVR unit, our Hybrid Lite® and Hybrid Select® programs, please refer to the provide link below for more information about these services and features or contact your dealer.
Mobiletrace SVR Upgrades & Features

What do I do if my vehicle is stolen?

1. You should immediately call the SVR Call Center@855.379.5848
2. The call center will activate your system, locate it, and then notify the police as to its location for recovery.

Before you call, please have the following information ready;
– Personal Information
– Car Vehicle Information
– Answer to Security Question
– Information on the theft

How The System Works The Stolen Vehicle Recovery System that you purchased uses Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking technology which is the most advanced technology available. If you have the unfortunate experience of vehicle theft you’ll need to report the theft to our call center and the police.
The SVR call center will activate the GPS SVR System that is installed in your vehicle. Once activated, this starts the process to pinpoint your vehicles location. They will then contact your local police department and let them know where the vehicle has been located and give them the vehicle information and location for their assistance in the vehicles recovery.

What if my vehicle is stolen and not recovered?

Mobiletrace SVR. warrants that if, within two (5) years from the date of installation of the unit, the Purchaser’s vehicle is stolen and not recovered within twenty-four hours from the time that we are notified of the theft by the subscriber, will pay you an amount equal to the purchase price paid for your Mobiletrace SVR unit. *

*For purposes of this warranty, the price paid does not include any finance, lease, tax or other charges, including dealer installation charges. This one-time payment of an amount equal to the purchase price of the Mobiletrace SVR unit described above shall be the complete and final remedy available to the purchaser in the event of non-recovery of your vehicle. In connection with any claim under the Limited No-Risk Guarantee, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to (i) notify us of the vehicle theft within 2 hours of notice of missing vehicle or of filing a theft report with a law enforcement agency, whichever occurs first; and (ii) provide us with a dated/time stamped theft report filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency; and (iii) provide us with a dated proof of purchase of the SkyLINK unit. If your vehicle becomes under the control of law enforcement by actual possession, surveillance or a 3rd party recovery service within the 24 hour period, it will be deemed recovered and no payment will be made under this guarantee.

Am I elgible for an auto insurance discount?

Possibly, many insurers offer substantial discounts for GPS anti-theft vehicle recovery products. You may be able to lower your insurance by as much as 35 percent on the comprehensive portion of your insurance with MobileTrace SVR, which means that your investment will pay for itself over time. Contact your insurance agent who can tell you the precise discount you could receive.