Americas Most Wanted SVR System. The Exclusive Hybrid SELECT Systems

The Hybrid SELECT Systems (Lite* & Select) offers 24/7/365 Security & Protection. Imagine being able to ensure around the clock Safety & Security for You, Your Loved One’s, and Assets. Wherever, Whenever You Need It… With Exclusive Features and Services available, we have been able to create an Unparalleled Stolen Vehicle Recovery + Family Safety, Asset Protection System. Standard Stolen Vehicle Recovery system generally ONLY just do what they say, “Stolen Vehicle Recovery.” Where as our unique system offers a Fully “LIVE” Operating System to the end user and offers 24/7/365 Roadside Assistance and Concierge Trip Services

*See feature page for product feature details and limitations



The Hybrid Select System is a Full Featured System with Alerts & Reports


  • Rest assured knowing that our Dedicated Stolen Vehicle Recovery Specialist are only a phone call away 24/7/365 to help in the recovery process of your stolen vehicle.


  • This Alert is a great safety tool that notifies you by email and/or SMS text message when the battery levels are running low based off of a predetermined voltage threshold.

    Low Battery Alerts

  • Would you like to know if your driver is speeding and being reckless behind the wheel. This Alert is a great driving habit feature that will notify you by email and/or SMS text message when the driver is speeding and breaks a predetermined speed threshold.

    Speed Alerts

  • This Report is great for when you would like to know when and where the vehicle was last turned On or Off.

    Ignition On/Off Reports

  • Would you like to know if the vehicle is being drove when it is not supposed to be? This Alert will notify you by email and/or SMS text message when the vehicle has moved after a predetermined off hour time.

    Off Hour Alerts

  • This great feature give you the ability to set up 3 safety boundaries. When the vehicle crosses these boundaries coming or going you will be notified via SMS text message and/or by email.

    Geofence Boundary Alerts

  • Car these days are generally stolen by means of flat bed because of ignition RFID Keys. This early warning feature is a great prevention tool. This alert will notify you by email and/or SMS text message when the vehicle has been moved with out permission, even if the vehicle is turned off and not running.

    Tow Potential Theft Alerts

  • Would you like to know where the vehicle is right now? A Locate On Demand allows you to locate the vehicle on demand with in minutes as long as cell coverage is available.

    Locate On Demand

The Hybrid Select System is Equipped with Full Roadside Assistance & Concierge Services

Roadside Assistance Protection Plan

Flat Tire Assistance – Have a service professional change your flat. Fuel Delivery – Out of Gas? Have 3 gallons of gas delivered to your location. Dead Battery – Have your vehicles battery jump started. Towing- Have your car towed to a qualified professional mechanic. Lock-out – Up to $100 for a Locksmith to unlock your vehicle and retrieve your keys. 24-Hour Emergency Assistance – Send a message home to your loved one’s during bad weather, or when your car is disabled.

Concierge Trip Planning Services

Are you planning a vacation or business trip in the U.S. or Canada, which involves driving and would like some help planning the best route to take? The Concierge Trip Services Plan will provide you and your loved ones a personal travel agent ensuring every trip is a carefree and economical one. There is no additional cost for this valuable service.

You will receive a Trip Routing Kit, which includes:

  • Mileage from start to destination and estimated driving times for each leg of your trip.
  • Custom Easy-to-follow trip routing with directions
  • Driving times custom and estimated to your personal travel plan
  • Information about toll-roads and detours
  • United States road map
  • Trip expense records